Hudson Hall

Region: Hudson Valley

Style: Theater

Notes: The Theater is a recently renovated space on the 2nd floor of the former Hudson CityHall. The house is a rectangular space with a flat floor, and has a rear balcony with a technical booth and future space for seating. The house has large operable double hung windows on either side and at the rear of the balcony; windows have motorized opaque shades but are not full blackout shades. The space is heated and air-conditioned. A raised proscenium stage is located at the north end of the space. The stage floor is raked from back to front. There are operable windows at the rear wall of the stage with full blackout shutters. The space is intended to be used in either a traditional proscenium configuration or various configurations made possible by the flat floor of the house in the round, tennis court, thrust, etc., as well as a banquet/event space.